God and Labor Ready

Eight years ago I fell on hard times for about 3 months. I found myself twice at Labor Ready during those 3 months.  The second occasion went something like this:

It was about 4:20 AM.  It wasn’t too cold out, it was just early and I was still adjusting to the day.  The doors open at 5 AM and then you  can sign the paper to get called for a job that hopefully can get you at least 30 dollars for that day.  The office was in a double wide trailer across from a gas station on the corner.  I stayed by the door so when it opened I had a good spot on the list.  I went back outside for fresh air because they won’t start calling names for at least an hour.  While I’m debating on some coffee from the gas station I notice a line outside of a cheap all white van.  The back door opens up and this fat chick starts selling nicks out the back.  So I go the station and purchase a blunt  then come back across to the van for my morning nick.  This was the roach coach of weed with so many customers.  I grab a cinder block to sit on and get to work.  This weed smells like regular but I can’t complain because I got a screwed up day ahead of me and this substance appeared like a diamond in  the rough. So I sparked it up and smoked it from front to back, roach and all, in about 45 minutes.  It was a long but brisk, cool but warm, Monday morning at Labor Ready and I was feeling fantastic.

I step inside Labor Ready’s office and they’re packed.  There’s nowhere to sit and people are already hugging the walls so I step just to the right of the door and hug the wall, the only spot left, and settle in.  It’s loud from everyone having conversations with people they came with or just met.  Then it happened.  I noticed two guys sitting at the other end of the room up front and I heard exactly what they were saying to each other while everyone else’s voices were drowned out.  It was phenomenal, I had pin point hearing and I was using it to zero in on different conversations.  Then that changed and all the distinct conversations came together and formed one humming sound.  One voice.  And the voice began to speak and I was overtaken with emotion.  My mouth opened and I uttered quietly, “God, I hear you, what is it?”  I was convinced God had decided to speak through all of these voices at once in a spectacular way just as He’s doing now.  The voice was too great for me to understand but it came through the humming again  and again.  I shed a tear as I realized that I was contacted by the Creator.  Did this really happen or was it a Mary Jane experience?  What’s the difference?

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Do you know the difference between right and wrong.  So I was asked by the judge when I was 14.  If I have my own code of ethics do I tell the truth which is I don’t know the difference between right and wrong or do I lie to appear normal and incriminate myself.  I chose the route of insanity since my sanity was at stake.

There’s a thin line between what you’ll live for and what you’ll die for.  My life has been an exhilarating experience for walking that line.  They say you must live within your means but I live outside my so-called means and I can’t imagine it any other way.  The laws impositions and societies opinions are not my concerns in regards to how I live.  And so my code goes without saying, personal and achievable.  Mainly because we live in a free world.  My freedom exists outside any system because I do what I must.  They say “give me liberty, or give me death!” but I don’t need to be given what I take everyday.  It is my right as a human being and I answer only to myself in time of judgment.  Mary Jane reminds me of this every time we interact.

Please email me your Mary Jane experience to themaryjaneexperience@hotmail.com and I might post it in my blog with full credit where credit is due.

The Woods

So there I am in the woods yet near a manhole cover at the same time.  City versus nature.  There’s a river below and my thoughts fall with the leaves one by one into the water and drift away to an imaginary waterfall.  Across this narrow body of water I consider the possibility of targets in the distance.  As you were, enemy combatants.  I can spot the human skull from five hundred yards away and land a bullet smashing into your t-zone without a scope.  I was a marksman in the Marine Corps.  My military occupational strategy was multi-channel equipment operator.  Right now I’m in the zone.  Wait, was that a branch moving or a fellow sniper!  Wouldn’t want to risk cracking the wind over a branch and compromising my position.  After all, I’m starting to get paranoid.  Just when I was taking in my surroundings.  In fact, I’m taking in my surroundings ten-fold now cause I’m buggin out.  Was that the police driving by?  Did that lady with her dog see me?  Nevermind.  It’s not that serious. The scenery is though and I’d like to enjoy it but there’s a thrill in being watched.  I am behind a complex after all so what about the windows?  Portals for neighborhood watch or crime watch but I’m not a criminal.  That’s another story though.  There’s a cool breeze lifting my high and I surpass everything.  Paranoia, snipers, thoughts on leaves, and anything else that might distract me from just feeling alive!  These are the woods in the crisp air, oak scent, and applauding branches.  This was a Mary Jane experience.

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Lettuce and Tomato

Paper thin slices of green succulent lettuce and quarter cut chunks of juicy grape tomato from a sunny day.  This was no ordinary salad, this was culinary bliss.  Added to this wonder was thick hair strands of carrot, crisp squares of cucumber delight, and roasted blocks of country ranch croutons.  Finally it was drizzled over with balsamic vinaigrette.  This, my readership, was not just a salad, it was the benefits of human consumption reigned down on my tongue and coursing through my central nervous system.  Each and every bite contained a bitter war of flavor and color only to end in peace every time.  As I finished I was revitalized, made new.  My body having regenerated every cell was taking in this newfound sense of nourishment.  It was a Mary Jane experience.

Please email me your Mary Jane experience to themaryjaneexperience@hotmail.com and I might post it in my blog with full credit where credit is due.

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