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Paper thin slices of green succulent lettuce and quarter cut chunks of juicy grape tomato from a sunny day.  This was no ordinary salad, this was culinary bliss.  Added to this wonder was thick hair strands of carrot, crisp squares of cucumber delight, and roasted blocks of country ranch croutons.  Finally it was drizzled over with balsamic vinaigrette.  This, my readership, was not just a salad, it was the benefits of human consumption reigned down on my tongue and coursing through my central nervous system.  Each and every bite contained a bitter war of flavor and color only to end in peace every time.  As I finished I was revitalized, made new.  My body having regenerated every cell was taking in this newfound sense of nourishment.  It was a Mary Jane experience.

Please email me your Mary Jane experience to themaryjaneexperience@hotmail.com and I might post it in my blog with full credit where credit is due.


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